Vegan Fitness Blogger Serie
#3 Johanne Rosenthal von sunnysidehanne

In Rahmen unserer Vegan Fitness Blogger Serie haben wir euch bereits das vegane Model Sara Binde und Yoga Liebhaberin und Ernährungsberaterin Claudia Renner vorgestellt. Beides sehr unterschiedliche Blogger, jedoch verbunden durch die Leidenschaft für vegane Ernährung.

Unser dritter Gast ist heute Johanne Rosenthal. Mit diesem Interview springen wir in die USA und treffen auf eine weitere Food Bloggerin, die ihre Leidenschaft für kreative Küche mit Freude am Sport kombiniert und ihre Reisen im Food Blog nachklingen lässt.

Vegan Fitness Bloggerin Johanne Rosenthal im Interview

Welcome Johanne and thanks for being our guest in the Vegan Fitness Blogger series!

Kathrin: We came accross your blog and fell in love with some of your recipes. Especially your pumpkin pasta, smokey maple seitan and the stuffed sweet potatoes definitely match our own way of cooking.

Kathrin: You started blogging only two years ago when friends were inspired by how you talk about cooking dinner. What a good reason to not only inspire friends but the blogging community!

So, can you introduce yourself to our community?

Johanne: Hi I’m Johanne and I was born to a Danish mother and American father who raised my sister and myself on a small greek Island for the first few years of our lives. As a young adult I lived in a kibbutz in Israel for years and traveled through the middle east.

I settled in the U.S.A. with my Israeli husband and homeschooled our now grown children.

I started SunnysideHanne as a way to share stories from my life and veganize the food from my travels

Vegan Fitness Bloggerin Johanne Rosenthal im Interview

When did you become vegan and what were the reasons behind?

Johanne: Growing up meat was more of a condiment then a main part of the meal. We were a family of animal lovers even through we consumed animal flesh and dairy.

In 2000 my mom, husband, children and I began protesting the circus and I saw the irony in the fact that we were working so hard to protect elephants but were still eating animal products. That day was the first step in my journey towards compassionate living.

Kathrin: I really like your statement on circus and your way to veganism. There are so many people out there who really love their dog from the bottom of their heart but keep eating meat and consuming dairy products without any thought. People are quite random on where to draw the line between which animal they love and which is totally ok to kill or exploit.

Let’s talk about sport. What are you passionate about?

Kathrin: Have you always been a fit vegan or when did your fitness journey start? How do you motivate yourself to stay on track even when days are busy?

Johanne It can’t remember a time when I wasn't active. In high school I rode horses, swam, lifted weights and walked an hour to school each morning.

Now I am nearing 50 and have never felt stronger or more vibrant. Exercising is the single most important building block for me in remaining a centered and happy person.

Mixing it up is the key for me. Exercise is like a buffet; there are so many options. All I need do is pick one of those options each day.

I go running with my husband, hiked 20 miles with my family or did an awesome hike in the Yellowstone National Park in - 28 degrees celsius.

Kathrin: Totally agree!
"Excercise is like a buffet", I think I'm going to quote that line from now. Good point! I need a change in workout routine myself once in a while. There is always a good mixture of cardio sessions and strength, but the choice of workouts and environment has to change from time to time to keep it interesting.

How does your fitness routine look like? How often do you train?

Johanne: I meditate first thing in the morning before I get out of bed and that sets the tone for my day. I take a Zumba class on Saturdays and although it is my dedicated Rest-day I find Zumba keeps me loose and adds an element of joy.

Sundays are my long run with my hubby. We head out early and run between 12-16 miles. The rest of the days of the week I decide spur of the moment what I will do.

Our basement has a squat rack and free weights and I lift heavy two to three times a week. Some days I swim at the YMCA or practice yoga, walk and do HIITs with my grown daughter. If I only have 30 minuses for a work out then I do a HIIT .

Kathrin: And if time is short and you have only 30 minutes for a workout, what do you do?

If it is rainy or cold but I need to be outside and I have limited time then Sprintervals (sprint intervals) are my go to, sometimes at the track or better yet on a steep hill.

It really makes my blood pump to run up the hill ten times and walk down. I reach my anaerobic threshold so quickly and walk home exhausted and peaceful.

Kathrin: Sounds like you have a very good mixture of exercise types: from relaxation to fun part of Zumba as well as running and lifting. High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) are really tough but totally pay off. While doing them we always ask ourselfs "why???" but afterwards you are so happy to have it done and be still on time on busy days. .

How do you think do your eating habits affect your fitness?

Johanne: Food is fuel and high quality fuel gives a better result. Everyone laughs about how much food I consume on a daily basis. Really I must have been a Hobbit in a past life because I definitely do 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, 1st lunch etc.

Eating vibrant nutrient dense food throughout the day means that I rarely hit a slump in energy. For long runs I carry a large bottle of water with a pureed date, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of citrus, without this home made electrolyte mix I cramp up.

It is important to fuel up an hour before exertion and equally important to restore your glycogen stores afterwards. After exertion of any sort I have a berry smoothie with ginger. Half and hour later I will eat something more substantial. If you don't refuel your body after working out you will not see results and have a longer recovery time.

Vegan Fitness Bloggerin Johanne Rosenthal im Interview

Our bodies work so hard for us we need to treat them right: Drink enough water, fuel them with healthy plant based foods, sleep 8 plus hours a night etcetera and stretch, stretch, stretch.

For long runs I bring a bag of homemade energy balls. At around mile six I begin eating a couple an hour.

I made an ebook of ten energy bite recipes to fuel your day that I give away free to anyone who subscribes to my blog.

Do you follow a special form of vegan diet?

Kathrin: There are so many different types of a vegan diet out there, e.g. high-carb, low-carb, if it fits your macros or special macro nutrition ratio. How would you describe your way of vegan diet?

Johanne: I don’t follow any sort of rules. I don't count calories or macros. Eating intuitively works for me. Just eating what I want when I want. That being said I eat only WFPB (whole foods plant based). I use oil, salt and sugar rarely in my cooking.

In summer I am almost totally raw because the produce is incredible. In winter I eat heavier foods like oatmeal and stews and huge winter veggie salads.

If you keep only whole foods in the house then I don't think you need to consciously balance your daily nutrients; that comes naturally.

Kathrin: Intuitive eating, I really like that.
But there are some take aways for our readers I guess. Eating intuitively means that you make intuitive but good choices what to buy, what to eat, how to cook and how to keep foods and activitiy levels in balance.

People with former eating disorders or years of bad food choices and sugar or fast food addictions will need some time to find back to their way of intutive eating. In this case I think counting calories or a meal plan will help to learn the basics again which will be applied from intuitive eaters unconsciously.

Can you share how your typical day looks like eating wise?

What are your favourite breakfast recipes, lunch and dinner and do you care about pre- and post-workout snacks?

Johanne: First thing in the morning I have a glass of warm water with fennel seeds.

Then I make a big vat of oatmeal for the family. I throw in cinnamon, unsweetened soy milk, bananas, walnuts, almonds and medjool dates. This is also when I take my multi-vitamin, D3 and calcium tablets.

If we are busy then I hand out breakfast cookies to everyone that basically has all our breakfast ingredients but in a portable form.

Vegan Fitness Bloggerin Johanne Rosenthal im Interview

About two hours later I have a smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, ginger and kale.

For lunch I have what ever was left over from the night before. Or I’ll grab one of my meal prepped Mason Jar Miso Soups and add hot water to it.
7 minutes later Voila a healthy lunch.

At around 2:00 pm I have an orange or grapefruit and a handful of nuts and cacao nibs.

At 4:00 pm I always have a small bowl of vegan kimchi. I eat a couple of bananas while preparing dinner with a tablespoon of nut butter.

Dinner is often a huge salad with coleslaw, avocado, sprouts, cashews, dark greens, palm hearts, dried, cranberries, peppers and a mix of chickpeas, kidney beans and black beans.

We will often have tofu or tempeh with it If I am going to have Seitan then I make it myself that way I can control the ingredients and flavor. I like to cut it into chunks and top my salad with it. See my recipe for BBQ Vegan Seitan Ribs.

Vegan Fitness Bloggerin Johanne Rosenthal im Interview

By my bed I keep a bar of 85% dark chocolate and will sometimes nibble it while I read before bed.

How important do you think is meal timing? And do you think supplements and protein shakes are necessary?

Johanne: Meal timing? Hmm I don't really follow any set times except for pre and post work out meals. The rest of the meals I eat are based on hunger and what I have on hand.

I think a good vegan protein powder has its place. I like the ease of using a protein powder when I am in a rush and want my smoothie to keep me full longer.

What are the top five vegan foods you recommend our readers to go for? What are the must haves in your vegan diet?

Johanne: My top 5 foods to stay healthy are:

  1. nuts and seeds
  2. sprouts
  3. Kimchi
  4. cacao nibs
  5. dark leafy greens, my favorite is dandelion.

As most of our Vegan Fitness Guide readers are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland please tell us about the trending vegan foods and restaurants in your area.

What would you recommend our fit vegans to check out when coming to your city?

Johanne: Aquafaba has really changed life for the vegan home cook as now we are all able to whip up fantastic vegan macaroons, meringues, butter and mayonnaise that rival their dairy counter parts.

I have found it a wonderful ingredient to substitute for oil and/or eggs in healthy seeded crackers, granola bars, muffins, homemade sugar/free oil/free Nutella, breakfast cookies and more.

Here is my Aquafaba page that gives to tis and tricks to using this trending ingredient.

Our town of Providence is small but has surprisingly good vegan options. We have a dedicated vegan ice-cream parlor and a vegan bakery as well. On Saturdays our local Indian restaurant has a vegan buffet. There are two vegetarian restaurants in town that can make almost anything vegan.

Thank you so much for giving us insights into your vegan lifestyle!

Before saying goodbye let’s play the famous game of 10 questions in 10 seconds.

Johanne: Ok, let's start!

  1. Music or silence while doing a workout? Silence
  2. Fake meat – once in a while or a no-go in your kitchen? Yes! To fake meat once in a while; always home made, never packaged..
  3. Girls with six pack, hot or not? Super hot as are women without six packs
  4. When missing cheese you go for … Homemade vegan Feta
  5. Counting calories is … not for me!
  6. Your favourite fitness gadget is … I’m low tech so I’d say my sneakers, lol
  7. The best vegan milk alternative is … homemade almond milk
  8. Cheat days are … I used to do cheat days, now I just follow my appetite with no judgement
  9. The best gym buddy is … my daughter
  10. The best kitchen gadget is … Vitamix and julienne peeler

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